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Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 14 Consultation

Updated: 9th December 2019

Bramber's draft Neighbourhood Plan was available for comment in the 6-week period from 21st September to 2nd November.  The draft plan, the design guidelines and all other relevant documents are available to download via the special document page - just click the button below.  Printed copies of the plan were available to peruse at various locations in Bramber and Steyning (The Old Tollgate Hotel, The Castle Hotel and The Steyning Centre).  It was also available at the public events which were held on Saturday 28th September and Wednesday 2nd October at the Beeding and Bramber Village Hall.

Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter

Updated: 26th August 2019

The latest Neighbourhood Plan Newsletters are now available.  Just click the appropriate button below to read it:-

Neighbourhood Plan Timeline

Added: 30th May 2019

The Neighbourhood Plan projected timeline has been updated and can be viewed by clicking the appropriate button below (i.e. either in text format or as a spreadsheet):-

Bramber Business Survey

Added: 9th December 2019

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan a survey of local businesses was carried out.  A summary of the results can be seen by clicking the button below:-

Drop-In Event Responses

Updated: 4th December 2019

The responses to the Drop-In Event questionaires plus the on-line survey have now been analysed and can be viewed by clicking the appropriate button below (i.e. all responses or just those from residents of either Bramber or Steyning).  Please note that the paper forms completed on the day were uploaded to the electronic site by Focus Group members so that all the data could be collated and reviewed together by the various Focus Groups in order to help direct the future direction of the Plan.

Latest Clays Field Documents

Added: 28th November 2018

The latest Clays Field development proposal documents can be viewed by clicking the buttons below:-

Public Drop-In Event Displays

Added: 24th November 2018

The various displays from the public drop-in event held on 24th November can be viewed by clicking the appropriate buttons below:-




Transport &

RBcarPark .jpg

Environment &

Heritage, Community, Tourism & Commerce:

Bramber's Vision Statement & Project Plan

Updated: 29th November 2018

The Neighbourhood Plan Vision Statement and Project Plan have now been agreed by the Steering Group and can be read by clicking the relevant button below:-

Bramber's Housing Need Assessment

Added: 31st August 2018

Bramber's Housing Need Assessment (HNA) has been produced by AECOM, an organisation recommended by Horsham District Council.  The report explains their methodology and sources of information and evidence used in order to calculate a housing number for Bramber.  Please note that the HNA provides an 'unconstrained' number, that does not take into account the South Downs National Park boundary, existence of flood plains or lack of available land.  


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has accepted the report and will work with the community to facilitate the building of new homes in the Parish of Bramber.  The results can be read by clicking the button below:-

Clay's Field Proposal

Added: 27th July 2018

Click the button below to read the Clay's Field Proposal in response to the Neighbourhood Plan Call For Sites.

Neighbourhood Plan Slides

Click the button below to see the Powerpoint slides shown at the 2018 Annual Parish Meeting:-

Bramber Neighbourhood Plan Area Designated

Added: 27th February 2018

I’m pleased to confirm that the area of Bramber within the SDNP has also been formally designated as a Neighbourhood Area.  Please see the attached decision notice and designation map.  Horsham DC will be your lead authority on the neighbourhood plan but please do get in touch if there is anything further you need from SDNPA.


Amy Tyler-Jones

Neighbourhood Planning Officer

South Downs National Park Authority

Tel: 01730 819272

South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9DH

Bramber Housing Needs Survey Report, 2015

Click the button below to read the results of the Housing Needs Survey that was carried out in Bramber in 2015.  This forms an input into the Neighbourhood Plan.

To contact the Neighbourhood Plan secretary please fill out the form here and click "Submit".

Thanks for submitting!

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