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Regulation 14 Consultation

Part of the Bramber Neighbourhood Plan process is a formal public consultation known as the Regulation 14 Consultation.  This is run in accordance with The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.  This consultation is designed to solicit the views of both residents of Bramber, those who work here and other 'stakeholders' with regard to the vision and policies set out in the draft plan.  Once these views have been processed by the Steering Group the plan may be amended before it is sent to Horsham District Council for formal examination.

The six-week consultation ran from 21st September to 2nd November 2019.  During this time the draft Plan was available to view here and paper copies were available for reading in The Old Tollgate Hotel, The Castle Hotel and The Steyning Centre.  There were also feedback forms available at these locations and here online.

The draft Plan and all relevant evidence documents can be read by clicking the buttons or links below.  In addition, the feedback received from residents, official bodies and all other interested parties can be accessed here...

List of Evidence Documents

Click on the appropriate link below to view the documents used as evidence in producing the draft Neighbourhood Plan (correct as at 19th November 2019).


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