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Carols In The Car Park

Added: 23rd November 2023


Early Warning Road Closure: Castle Lane, 30th January 2024

Added: 15th November 2023

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West Sussex County Council Budget and Priorities
For 2024/25

Added: 9th November 2023

Message from West Sussex County Council:-


We're working to balance the council’s budget for next year and we want your help.  This is your money, so it’s vital we deliver a budget for 2024/25 based on what matters most to you.

How do we decide what to spend money on?

We understand how much our communities rely on services from the county council, and the impact it would have if we were no longer able to provide them.  The challenge we face is to balance the budget while remaining committed to investing in and protecting services.  Like all local authorities, we're developing our budget in the context of significant financial pressures, caused by high levels of inflation, but also by these factors: 

  • a growing adult and elderly population with increasingly complex needs

  • a rising number of children with special educational needs and education health and care plans

  • the noticeable impacts of climate change which are adding to the costs of maintaining the county’s 4,000km of roads

  • continuing cost of living challenges being faced by everyone, which are creating extra demand for council services.

Read more about the budget proposals

Take part in our budget survey

Our budget consultation survey is now open until Sunday 10 December and we would like to hear:  

  • what you think are the most vital services

  • where you’d spend or reduce money

  • which options you feel we should focus on to achieve a balanced budget.  

Take part in the survey

What happens next?

Your views and feedback will be considered by our Cabinet team at a meeting in January.

Their recommendations and draft budget will go to a full county council meeting in February for a final decision.

Installation of Electric Vehicle Charge Points
in Horsham District Council Car Parks

Added: 18th May 2023

I am writing to inform you that the next phase of the installation of electric vehicle charge points will be taking place in Council car parks in your Parish/Neighbourhood. The civil works will commence w/c 22nd May in the following District Council car parks:-


  • 4 sockets (2 charge points) in The Street car park, Bramber

  • 4 sockets (2 charge points) in Coopers Way, Henfield

  • 4 sockets (2 charge points) in the library car park, Henfield

  • 4 sockets (2 charge points) in Fletchers Croft, Steyning

  • 6 sockets (3 charge points, in the Pavilions car park, Horsham.


I am waiting for the detailed timetable for the project but it is likely to take 2-3 months before the charge points are commissioned.


These are being installed as part of a partnership involving all of the District and Borough Councils across the County and led by West Sussex County Council. The partnership is working with a private sector organisation, Connected Kerb, which is paying to install, operate and maintain the new network of charge points. The network is being developed primarily to provide charge points for residents without off-street parking. The latter is a barrier to the take up electric vehicles, as most EV owners charge their vehicles at home. The network will consist of a mixture of charge points in Council owned car parks, or publicly owned land, as well as on-street locations.


Please do contact me if you would like more information.



Helen Peacock

Environmental Coordination Manager

Horsham District Council

Telephone: 01403 215513 | 07920 192158


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