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Emergency Public Notice - Temporary Traffic Regulation Order
Maudlin Lane, Bramber

Added: 16th May 2024

TRO #46.jpg

Advance Notices
[3] Closure of Clays Hill: 29th July
[4] Closure of Maudlin Lane: 5th - 7th August

Updated: 16th May 2024

TRO #44.jpg
TRO #45.jpg

Advance Notices
[1] Closure of The Street: 4th June
[2] Closure of Castle Lane: 19th July

Updated: 16th May 2024

TRO #42.jpg
TRO #43.jpg
Community Heroes [1].jpg

Community Heroes Nominations and
Childrens' Competition

Added: 26th March 2024

The project is part of Horsham District Council marking its 50th Anniversary. Our Chairman will be hosting a special thank you tea party at Warnham Local Nature Reserve in June for Community Heroes who have been nominated by residents, and we are asking creative primary-aged children in the District to design a thank you card for these fantastic people.


Community Heroes could be anyone making the District a better place to live and be, from a friendly face at a local business, a postie who goes the extra mile, a neighbour who is there most needed, a carer who goes above and beyond, a super sports coach, a person keeping your street tidy, a fantastic youth leader to a volunteer driver. We would love you to nominate them.


Full details can be found on our website here:

Hannah Goodall

Telephone: 01403 215573


Community Heroes [2].jpg

 Get involved in a new way to help nature
and wildlife in Sussex

Added: 26th March 2024

West Sussex County Council is calling for people to share their experiences and observations of nature and wildlife in Sussex as part of a new, nation-wide initiative to address declining habitats and species.

Residents will be asked what aspects of nature and wildlife are important to them and what changes they have noticed locally which will help inform the Local Nature Recovery Strategies being developed for Sussex.

Sussex is fortunate to be home to many iconic and wondrous wildlife species, and some of the rarest natural habitats in the world. But nature is in trouble with one in six UK species at risk of extinction. Urgent, locally coordinated efforts are needed to reverse this decline.

Local Nature Recovery Strategies are a new initiative being rolled out across England to address the problem. Two strategies are being developed by the county councils, one covering West Sussex and another for East Sussex and Brighton & Hove.

The easiest way for residents to get involved is to complete the residents' survey.  This asks questions about how and where people connect with nature, the habitats or species they value, any changes they've noticed, and any wider benefits they'd like to see in their local area. The survey takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete and will close on 30 June 2024.


Cllr Deborah Urquhart, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Environment & Climate Change, said: “At the heart of every Local Nature Recovery Strategy will be environmental issues that are most important to local people.

“Nature provides us with food, supports jobs and the local economy, and provides us with other things we may take for granted, such as clean air and water.  I would like everyone to get involved and participate in their Local Nature Recovery Strategy. That way, we can help improve and create our precious habitats and recover species found in West Sussex through future funding and action.”

More information about the strategies and how local people can get involved can be found at, Sussex Nature Recovery, including details of events, webinars, workshops, briefings, and more.

High Volume of Highway Enquiries
Temporary Extension of Customer Enquiry Response Times

Added: 18th March 2024

Message from Highways, Transport & Planning Directorate, West Sussex County Council:-

As you will be aware, we have experienced unprecedented levels of rain and named storm events over this autumn/winter.  To put this in context, over the past 5 months (October- Feb) we have had more rain than we would normally have in a year.    February saw the highest level of rain since records began and in the first week of this month, we have already experienced a month’s worth of rain.


Unfortunately, with these conditions’ potholes can form as water seeps under the road surface and saturates the substrate, leading to a hydraulic effect as vehicles pass over.   This is particularly the case where we have ‘evolved roads’ which don’t have formal construction layers or where we have existing damage to road surfaces.


It is therefore unsurprising that we are now seeing a large number of issues on the network, and we are experiencing very high numbers of customer reports.   I would like to assure you we are doing all we can to manage the volume of enquiries though extended working/over-time. 


Our contractor’s safety repair gangs are working twilight shifts and Saturdays to manage the increased number of safety jobs.  We have also increased the number of gangs and will continue to add to this resource but as I am sure you will appreciate, sourcing additional  gangs at this time is very difficult and is a national issue. 


In addition, we have find & fix gangs who are predominately operating in urban areas and, when weather permits, we continue to run a jet patcher in more rural areas (this resource will increase again from next month).


We continue with the ‘Right Time Approach’ we adopted last spring where the default is for potholes to be “Sides Sawn and Sealed”. Whilst these repairs take longer, we won’t carry out temporary repairs unless an emergency or where a large-scale patching/resurfacing is imminent.


In terms of drainage, in our normal cleansing programme we have cleansed 90,000 gullies this year.  In addition, we have 4 gully suckers operating across the network carrying reactive work to alleviate flooding issues.  They have tackled over 600 jobs on our highest priority sites. 


To enable the Highway Teams to effectively deal with the volume of safety issues being reported, we will be focussing on this high priority work only until 15/04/2024 .


Our response times to customers on general enquiries from 10-20 days.  Please continue to report issues via our website.   Of course, if you have urgent issues then please call 01243 642105. Between 8.00am and 6pm, Monday – Friday,  our Customer Service Centre will deal with the immediate response or ensure the matter is escalated to a member of the highways team.  Calls made out of hours are taken by our contractor’s contact centre.

West Sussex County Council seeks help from local residents
to combat flooding

Added: 10th March 2024

West Sussex County Council is encouraging all householders and landowners, particularly those in more rural areas, to check if they have a responsibility to keep local watercourses free flowing and to help prevent vulnerable areas of the county from flooding.

If a watercourse, ditch, stream, river or culvert runs adjacent to, through or under your land or property (even if it does not fall within your property boundary as set out by your Title Deeds) then you are likely to be what is known as a “riparian owner”. In short, you are responsible for the maintenance of the watercourse to ensure that water is able to flow freely into and along it, so that it doesn’t pose a flood risk.

The legal responsibilities of a riparian owner are to:

  • ensure the flow of water is not obstructed or polluted

  • maintain the bottom and sides of the watercourse (including managing any trees and vegetation growing on the banks)

  • remove any obstructions, such as rubbish, fallen branches or garden waste

  • maintain any structures (such as rubbish screens, culverts, weirs and mill gates).


You are more likely to have a responsibility if you live in a rural area due to there not being as widespread a drainage system as in urban areas, particularly alongside roads. Rural roads are especially affected when groundwater levels are high and surface water runs off neighbouring land and property onto them. It is essential that roadside ditches in these areas are kept clear for the water to flow into before it reaches the road and causes surface flooding or even damages the road surface.

Cllr Joy Dennis, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at West Sussex County Council, said: “Over the last five months we have seen a year’s worth of rainfall. You will have noticed that this has resulted in sustained high levels of groundwater, increased debris in the drainage systems causing blockages, and large amounts of surface water runoff, causing flooding across the county.

“Our Highways team has been busy responding to numerous incidents of flooding. We continue to manage over 140,000 gullies and routinely clear other drainage assets, including our ditches. However, whilst we are working as hard as we can to keep the water network free flowing to reduce flooding, we do not have responsibility for all of the drains and watercourses within West Sussex. For example, we’re only responsible for around 10% of the county’s ditches.

“Residents can play such an important role in combatting flooding by maintaining the drainage assets they’re responsible for, but we’re not expecting them to spend a lot of time or money; simply spending half an hour each month clearing debris and removing any blockages to allow water to flow freely is usually more than sufficient and will really make a difference.

“Well maintained watercourses can significantly benefit our communities by not only reducing flood risk but by also creating great habitats for our wildlife.”

To further help reduce flooding incidents across the network, we plan to deliver £1.9m of drainage works this year. We have also doubled our number of jetting vehicles in response to extreme weather and have four vehicles available to attend affected sites to clear flooding or investigate issues.

Our drainage gangs continue to work proactively to clear gullies and a ditch clearance programme is operating at sites identified as having an impact on the highway.

We also have approximately £500,000 of small-scale drainage schemes on schedule to be delivered by the end of this month.

To find out more about the responsibilities of a riparian owner and our flood prevention works take a look at our FAQ document:  Riparian Ownership: Frequently Asked Questions .

For further information please contact the news desk on 0330 222 8090 or email
For urgent out-of-hours enquiries please call 07767 098415.

Update: Installation of Electric Vehicle Charge Points in
Horsham District Council car parks

Added: 20th January 2024

There has been some delay that has been outside of the control of the contractor, Connected Kerb. We had an update last week and are hopeful that the next stage of the works will commence in April/May.


I will let you know when I have more details.


Helen Peacock

Head of Sustainability and Greenspaces

Horsham District Council

Telephone: 01403 215513 | 07920 192158


County Council Elections, May 2025

Added: 21st December 2023

Please see the attached letter from the Charman of the County Council giving information for anyone considering standing for election as a County Councillor in May 2025.


In particular I would like to highlight that the Become A County Councillor website highlights a range of events which might be of interest to those thinking of standing.  I have set these out below for ease of reference.

Amanda Drinkwater

Democratic Services Officer, Democratic Services

West Sussex County Council, Room 102, First Floor, County Hall, Chichester, PO19 1RQ
Phone: 033 022 22521


Become A Councillor Events.jpg

Installation of Electric Vehicle Charge Points
in Horsham District Council Car Parks

Added: 18th May 2023

I am writing to inform you that the next phase of the installation of electric vehicle charge points will be taking place in Council car parks in your Parish/Neighbourhood. The civil works will commence w/c 22nd May in the following District Council car parks:-


  • 4 sockets (2 charge points) in The Street car park, Bramber

  • 4 sockets (2 charge points) in Coopers Way, Henfield

  • 4 sockets (2 charge points) in the library car park, Henfield

  • 4 sockets (2 charge points) in Fletchers Croft, Steyning

  • 6 sockets (3 charge points, in the Pavilions car park, Horsham.


I am waiting for the detailed timetable for the project but it is likely to take 2-3 months before the charge points are commissioned.


These are being installed as part of a partnership involving all of the District and Borough Councils across the County and led by West Sussex County Council. The partnership is working with a private sector organisation, Connected Kerb, which is paying to install, operate and maintain the new network of charge points. The network is being developed primarily to provide charge points for residents without off-street parking. The latter is a barrier to the take up electric vehicles, as most EV owners charge their vehicles at home. The network will consist of a mixture of charge points in Council owned car parks, or publicly owned land, as well as on-street locations.


Please do contact me if you would like more information.



Helen Peacock

Environmental Coordination Manager

Horsham District Council

Telephone: 01403 215513 | 07920 192158


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