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Added: 4th December 2018

Regular Welfare Visits

Bramber Parish Council Neighbourhood Wardens are keen to  identify and support more vulnerable members of our Communities who would benefit from regular welfare visits from Wardens.  If you know of any members of the community, please check with them in the first instance that they would be happy for Wardens to check their welfare occasionally, before providing us with details of the vulnerable person by contacting the Clerk or Chairman.

Added: 27th July 2018

Wardens' Monthly Report, July 2018

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Wardens' Quarterly Report, February 2018

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Neighbourhood Wardens Share Road Safety Advice

The Horsham district neighbourhood wardens were working with local schools last week as part of the

national charity BRAKE’s Road Safety Week.


Vanessa Green and Carol Boniface, wardens for Pulborough and Nutbourne, attended St Mary’s primary school in Pulborough to liaise with children and parents about road safety. They handed out ‘Arrive Alive’ and road safety leaflets, bicycle spoke reflectors and Sussex Safer Road Partnership pens. They also recruited some parents to join a road safety action group to be led by the school PTA.


Mike Pearce and Paul Conroy, the wardens for Steyning, Bramber and Upper Beeding, ran a road awareness quiz for children at Steyning Primary School. They also stopped people cycling without lights in the dark to talk about the dangers involved and undertook a school patrol targeting those parents parking on yellow lines at school pick up.


Councillor Tricia Youtan commented: “As Chair of the Horsham District Community Safety Partnership, I am thrilled to see the neighbourhood wardens working with local schools on the important issue of road safety. It’s essential that children know how to keep safe when walking, cycling or crossing roads and for parents to drive and park considerately when dropping off or picking up their children from school.”


Dave Nichols, Community Engagement Manager for BRAKE, added: “We’re delighted Horsham district’s neighbourhood wardens and their local schools got involved with Road Safety Week and strengthened BRAKE’s campaign for safer roads.”

Added: 30th November 2017

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