Neighbourhood Wardens

Neighbourhood Wardens Help Deliver
More Than 200 Food Parcels

Added: 25th February 2021

You can read how our Neighbourhood Wardens have been helping the community here...

Neighbourhood Wardens And New PCSOs

Added: 20th January 2020

As you will no doubt be aware there has been an uplift in PCSO numbers being allocated to the Horsham District which is positive.  These changes have however led to a number of questions about the new arrangements and in particular how PCSO’s will mesh with areas who already benefit from a Warden service.  In an effort to provide you all as Parish / Neighbourhood Council partners with what I hope is useful information, in conjunction with our Police colleagues we have prepared the attached document which may prove useful in local discussions particularly about the longer term future of Wardens in your localities.


Greg Charman
Health & Wellbeing / Community Safety Manager 

Telephone: 01403 215124   

Added: 4th December 2018

Regular Welfare Visits

Bramber Parish Council Neighbourhood Wardens are keen to identify and support more vulnerable members of our Communities who would benefit from regular welfare visits from Wardens.  If you know of any members of the community, please check with them in the first instance that they would be happy for Wardens to check their welfare occasionally, before providing us with details of the vulnerable person by contacting the Clerk or Chairman.

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