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Police News and Appeals - 14th January 2020

Appeal after £33,000 watch stolen from Horsham jewellers
Sussex Police is appealing for information after reports of a man stealing a £33,000 watch from a jewellers in Horsham.

On Friday, January 3, officers were called to T H Bakers jewellers on West Street, Horsham after an unknown male ran out with a GMT Rolex worth £33,000.  The male pretended he wanted to see the watch and spoke about payments before running out of the store with the watch in his hand.

The suspect has been described as white, in his mid-30s and was wearing a navy flat cap, blue puffer jacket with checkered shirt underneath, blue chinos and brown shoes.  The watch itself is quite distinctive and has the serial number 101Z916 on the rear plate. The male has left the box and original paperwork behind so now not as valuable as it would have been as a complete set.

Sussex Police is appealing to anyone who may be able to identify the man pictured or has seen the watch pictured for sale online to report online or call 101 quoting serial 845 of 03/01.

West Sussex brothers being stripped of drugs profits

Two brothers from West Sussex who have already been given suspended prison sentences for drugs offences, also have to pay back more than £60,000 of their criminal gains to lawful society.  These amounts will add to the total of more than £6million illicit criminal profits already recovered in the past three years as a result of action by Sussex Police through action under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

Youseff Maizi, now 43, of Gloucester Road, Litlehampton, and Chahir Maizi, now 38, of Stopham Road, Pulborough, were arrested after drug warrants were carried out at their addresses and two others in Littlehampton in March 2016.

Thirty officers from across West Sussex took part in the raids and during searches 30 cannabis plants were found along with cannabis cultivation facilities.  The drugs worth more than £35,000 along with £10,000 cash were seized.

On 5 February 2019 Chahir Maizi pleaded guilty at Hove Crown Court to possession with intent to supply cannabis and a month later he was sentenced to seven months imprisonment suspended for 24 months as well as a curfew for four weeks.

On 15 May 2019 Youseff Maizi pleaded guilty at Portsmouth Crown Court to production of cannabis and was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment suspended for two years and to 200 hours unpaid work.

To see the full story please click on the link below or see our website. For information about other work done by Sussex Police to tackle drugs issues see the force website.

Police welcome for report on combating drug dealing

Sussex Police have welcomed a new national report on work across the country to combat the menace posed by 'County Lines' drugs dealing.

The Report, 'Both sides of the coin: The police and National Crime Agency's response to vulnerable people in County Lines drug offending' has been published by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Police, Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) on Friday (10 January)

Chief Superintendent Jo Banks said: "We welcome this continued national focus on the problem, and are already working with law enforcement and local partners on many of the issues raised.  Sussex was the first force in the country to use DDTROs (Drug Dealing Telephone Restriction Orders) referred to in the Report. Powers in the new Digital Economy Act enable police to seek restrictions on handsets that they believe are being used by drug dealers to operate 'deal-lines'. These are the dedicated mobile phone lines used to take orders from drug users.

"We continue every day to disrupt dealers who try to deal dangerous drugs across our communities. Our officers investigate and prosecute, working relentlessly and targeting those who would bring harm to local people, including often the most vulnerable. Local crime is often a direct result of major drug distribution via County Lines.  Our new Tactical Enforcement Unit (TEU) which began operations just last month, is also helping target these gangs.

"Every day our activity sends a clear message to drug dealers that they cannot expect to go undetected in Sussex.  We use the range of legal powers to tackle this problem, ranging from the Misuse of Drugs Act to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking legislation, and we can use technological advances such as DDTROs."
Members of the public can also help, and the best advice is to trust your instincts – if somebody shows signs of mistreatment, or a child seems to be travelling long distances or is unfamiliar with a locality, you can report suspicions to local police on 101 or online -  or to British Transport Police if you see something on the railway network.  
For further information about work by Sussex Police on drugs and related safeguarding issues, see the force website.

Police Crime Summary - 14th January 2020

Reference: 1087 8th January
Location: Kennedy Road, Horsham
Date and time: Between 0830hrs and 1745hrs 8th January
Details: An attempt was made to enter a property, however the attempt failed and damage to a door was caused.

Reference: 0615 11th January
Location: Henderson Way, Horsham
Date and time: Time and date unknown
Details: Entry was made to a property via an insecure window. An untidy search was made, unknown what has been stolen.
Burglary other than Dwelling

Reference: 0321 9th January
Location: Little Dippers, Pulborough
Date and time: Between 2230hrs 08/01 and 0530hrs 09/01
Details: A garage was entered and two saddles were stolen along with other items including tools and cigarettes from a vehicle. 

Reference: 0825 9th January
Location: Ash Road, Southwater
Date and time: Between 1700hrs 8th January and 1500hrs 9th January
Details: An attempt was made to enter a garage, the attempt failed and no entry was gained but damage was caused.

Reference: 0282 9th January
Location: Warnham Road, Horsham
Date and time: Between 2000hrs 8th January and 0830hrs 9th January
Details: The padlock was broken off a shed and 2 pedal cycles were stolen along with garden equipment

Reference: 0527 10th January
Location: Ash Road, Southwater
Date and time: Between midnight and 1630hrs 9th January
Details: A garage door was forced but nothing was stolen.

Reference: 1408 10th January
Location: High Bar Lane, Thakeham
Date and time: Between 3rd and 10th January 
Details: Garden machinery was stolen.

Reference: 1662 10th January
Location: Broadford Bridge, Billingshurst
Date and time: Between 1st and 9th January
Details: Entry was made to a stables and items were stolen.

Reference: 0362, 727 and 953 11th January
Location: Station Road, Pulborough
Date and time: Overnight 10th and 11th January
Details: Business were broken into by breaking windows and cash was stolen.


Our PCSO’s were out and about patrolling in Horsham Park on Friday 10th January.  They also did a street briefing in the park for 2 hours on Sunday 12th January which was published on Facebook and twitter before the event inviting people to come and have a chat about any concerns. They were lucky with the weather and it was nice to see so many people come along.  PCSO’s were patrolling Storrington on Sunday 12th January.

Horsham police are still receiving reports of catalytic converters missing from cars in specific areas of Horsham. This has been happening since mid-November and the areas that are mainly being targeted at this time are south of Harwood Road and north of Brighton Road. The vehicles that are of interest are mainly Toyota’s and Honda’s. However other areas and vehicles have also had their catalytic converters stolen. We have investigated all lines of enquiry of the reports we have received so far and remind vehicle owners to report any suspicious activity and to park their vehicle close to any CCTV and in well-lit areas.

Help us keep Sussex safe


If you saw or heard anything, or have any information about any incident in this message please contact us online, email us at or call 101, quoting the reference number provided.


Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111, or online at

Police News and Appeals - 7th January 2020

110 arrests made during Christmas crackdown on drink and drug-drivers

A Christmas crackdown on drink and drug-drivers led to 110 arrests in Sussex in just 15 days.  The annual campaign aims to educate motorists about the dangers of driving under the influence, and target those who put the lives of themselves and others at risk on our roads.

A total of 110 arrests were made by Sussex Police during the operation which ran from Wednesday 18 December to Wednesday 1 January inclusive – 73 on suspicion of drink-driving and 37 on suspicion of drug-driving.  This dedicated campaign is run in conjunction with Surrey Police, and is in addition to our officers responding to reports of drink and drug-driving 365 days a year.

Chief Inspector Michael Hodder, of the Surrey and Sussex Roads Policing Unit, said: “I’m surprised and hugely disappointed that drink and drug-driving is still considered by some people to be socially acceptable.  While the vast majority of motorists abide by the law, it seems there will always be a number of ignorant and selfish road users who refuse to take our advice on board. Not only do you risk ruining Christmas, you also risk ruining your life, or someone else’s.  It shouldn’t take a trip to police custody to give you the wake-up call; motorists need to wake up now and be alert to the extreme dangers associated with driving under the influence of drink or drugs."

“Every year we arrest drivers who say they “only had a couple” or they were “only around the corner”. We’ve heard every excuse in the book, but the bottom line is there is no excuse.  Change your behaviour now, or it could change your life forever.”

Details of people convicted as part of the campaign will be published on our website.  If you’re prepared to drive under the influence of drink or drugs, prepare to face the consequences. These could include the following:


  • Killing or seriously injuring yourself or someone else;

  • A minimum 12 month ban;

  • An unlimited fine;

  • A possible prison sentence;

  • A criminal record, which could affect your current and future employment;

  • An increase in your car insurance costs;

  • Trouble travelling to countries such as the USA.

People in Sussex can text officers on 65999 with the details of people they suspect of drink or drug-driving, or visit the Operation Crackdown website.  You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or report it online.  If you know someone is driving while over the limit or after taking drugs, call 999.

Police Crime Summary - 7th January 2020

Reference: 1204 3rd January
Location: School Hill, Warnham
Date and time: Between 1430hrs 1st January and 1830hrs 3rd January
Details: A door was damaged and a conservatory entered, nothing stolen.
Burglary other than Dwelling

Reference: 1057 1st January
Location: Billingshurst Road, Ashington
Date and time: Overnight 29th December 
Details: A garage was broken into, power tools and 3 pedal cycles were stolen. 

Reference: 0658 2nd January
Location: The Mount, Ifield
Date and time: Between 25th & 26th December
Details: Tools including a power tool stolen from an insecure shed. 

Reference: 0932 3rd January
Location: Marches Road, Warnham
Date and time: Between 26th December and 1100hrs 3rd January
Details: Padlocks were broken off a garage. A mountain bike, garden equipment, a generator and golf clubs were stolen.

Reference: 0337 5th January
Location: Property in Rackham
Date and time: Time unknown
Details: Padlock on a shed was broken off, garden equipment and a generator were stolen.

Reference: 0440 5th January
Location: Rackham Street, Rackham
Date and time: Between 2300hrs 4th January and 1000hrs 5th January
Details: Garden equipment and a pedal cycle were stolen from a stable.

Reference: 0674 5th January
Location: Rackham Street, Rackham 
Date and time: Between 3rd and 4th January
Details: A window on an outbuilding was damage and a racing bike was stolen.

Reference: 1115 5th January
Location: Polecat Lane, Copsale
Date and time: Between midnight and 0800hrs 5th January
Details: A quad bike and a lawn tractor were stolen from a stable.

Reference: 0980 6th January
Location: Cottage in Rackham
Date and time: Between 4th & 5th January
Details: An insecure garage and an insecure vehicle were entered, damage caused and nothing stolen.

Reference: 1189 6th January
Location: Rackham Street, Rackham
Date and time: Between 4th & 5th January
Details: An outbuilding was entered and a pedal cycle was stolen.
During December our PCSO’s have been out and about patrolling many areas of the Horsham district and engaging with as many people as possible. They have patrolled the town centre, Southwater and many other parts of the county.   In the coming months I will try to include as many of these patrols in the Neighbourhood Alerts as possible.
We would like to take this opportunity in wishing you all a very Happy New Year.
Fraud Newsletter
The Surrey and Sussex January 2020 Newsletter can be found on our website or by clicking on the link below.

Help us keep Sussex safe


If you saw or heard anything, or have any information about any incident in this message please contact us online, email us at or call 101, quoting the reference number provided.


Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111, or online at

What Goes Online Stays Online - 2nd January 2020

Every time you use social media, buy or sell something online, visit any kind of website, send or receive an email, find your way using a mapping app or save a photo to the cloud, you add to your digital footprint. The same goes for downloading music, making Skype calls and using a voice assistant. Every time you post a photo of your children or your friends, you add to their digital footprint too.

What happens when you have a digital footprint?
Your digital footprint is part of your online history and can potentially be seen by other people, or tracked and held in a database … or many databases. This is the case even if you are careful with your privacy settings. Here are just a few examples of what could, and does, happen as a result of your online history:
• Companies can target you with specific marketing content on social media and other websites. You could also receive emails, letters or phone calls from these companies.
• Advertisers can track your movement from site to site to gauge your areas of interest.
• Entertainment providers (such as music or films) could target you with unwanted recommendations for content.
• Prospective employers can look into your and family members’ background.
• Your child’s application for schools, colleges, universities, scholarships, clubs or even sports teams could be rejected.
• You, family members or friends could become the victim of fraud or identity theft.
• Your children could be at risk of criminal activity threatening their online or physical safety.
• Records of your online activity could fall into the wrong hands, including perpetrators of organised crime.
• Tech companies such as browser and search engine providers can track and record what you’ve searched and viewed. This, in turn, could be shared with other parties including law enforcement agencies.
• You could be refused life, medical, property or vehicle insurance based on information you have shared online.

How to minimise your digital footprint, or make sure it’s a good one:
• Don’t overshare information about yourself, family members or friends that would be better kept private. That’s on social media, websites and apps requesting details and in response to texts and messages.
• Think before you post. Even if your social media privacy settings are set up correctly, there’s no guarantee that your posts or photos won’t be shared.
• Be aware that every time you visit a website, it’s visible to tech companies like website owners, browsers and search engines.
• Read terms and conditions and data privacy policies on websites and apps before providing any personal data or making transactions. What can the providers do with your data, and why would you agree to it? If you’re not comfortable with the information being requested, don’t provide it.
• Check geolocation settings on mobile devices, apps and cameras. If you don’t want anybody to know where you are, or where you have been, disable them.
• Never stop enjoying the many excellent benefits of using the internet, but always bear in mind what digital trail you’re leaving, who may be able to access it and how they may be able to use it.

Get Safe Online is the UK’s leading source of information and advice on online safety and security, for the public and small businesses. It is a not-for-profit, public/private sector partnership backed by a number of government departments, law enforcement agencies and leading organisations in internet security, banking and retail.

For more information and expert, easy-to-follow, impartial advice on safeguarding yourself, your family, finances, devices and workplace, visit If you think you have been a victim of fraud, report it to Action Fraud at or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Warning To Steyning Residents - 29th December 2019

Just in case you don't see the local Facebook page, Spotted Steyning and Upper Beeding, there have been two recent reports of worrying night-time incidents. A couple of days ago a resident of Kings Barn Avenue reported someone knocking on his door at about 3am and today a lady in Penlands says there was someone in her garden at 5am who tried her door. Important to ensure that every external door and window is left as secure as possible and any garden gates are locked/bolted. Don't want to panic anyone but just to ensure precautions are taken.

Kind regards


Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator-Steyning

Protect Your Home, Protect Your Property, Protect Your Vehicles - 26th November 2019

Neighbourhood Watch and Sussex Police would like to remind you of hints and tips to protect your home, property and vehicles. This follows a number of recent incidents whereby access has been gained and items stolen due to inadequate security.

(1) Protect Your Home - have a look at Sussex Police's "Keep A Light On" awareness campaign, as well as general crime prevention advice.  
(2) Protect Your Property - the hints and tips contained in the "Lock It Or Lose It" awareness campaign still very much applies, together with advice about security marking.
(3) Protect Your Vehicles - as well as the "Lock It Or Lose It" advice, owners of "keyless vehicles" can purchase RFID car key signal blocker/security pouches - alternatively, you can wrap car keys in tin foil, keep keys in a safe, oven, microwave or other location where the radio signal emitted by the key cannot be intercepted.  


Lock It or Lose It leaflet - Feb2019.pdf - 768.7 KB

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