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Sussex Police Crime Updates - 6th June 2024

Please see below your fortnightly crime updates for Horsham for the period of 20 May 2024 and 5 June 2024.

Burglary – There have been seven reports of residential break ins


21/05 – Thornden, Cowfold – Around 1pm, three suspects have attempted to access the victim’s property after first calling out to see if anyone was home. The victim was in the house in a meeting at the time. CCTV has captured the incident where crowbars were used to try and pry open the back door. The victim shouted at them and they left in a panic.


25/05 – Lower Street, Pulborough – Around 4pm, occupants’ door was forced and a TV and sound bar was stolen.


29/05 – Merryfield Drive, Horsham – Occupant was in their home, when an individual broke in via the back door and attacked him with a claw hammer. It is not currently known whether anything had been stolen. 


29/05 – Merryfield Drive, Horsham - The occupant’s kitchen window has been popped open and there has been a messy search. Passports, a purse containing driving licence and £20 cash are noticed as missing


29/05 – Tern Avenue, Horsham - CCTV shows male suspect dressed in black trying multiple door handles, no entry gained.  


01/06 – Granary Way, Horsham – Occupant reported hearing glass being smashed at his property- confirmed an attempted break into the back door. It looked as if the lock had been snapped and the impact of this had smashed the glass in the frame. 


04/06 – Worthing Road, Dial Post – Attempted break in of a property and suspects detained at the scene.


Burglary Prevention  

Please make sure your outbuildings and garages are locked and secure. We are continuing to investigate these burglaries and if you see anyone acting suspiciously around a property, please report it to us on 101 or 999 if you are witnessing a burglary in progress.  


For advice on keeping your property secure 


Further advice on keeping your shed and/or garage safe and secure can be on our website  


Protecting your home when on holiday 

Make it more difficult for burglars by ensuring you protect your home, belongings and by checking your outside security before you go away. 

More information can be found here 



If you have been a victim of burglary, you can contact Victim Support who can give you the emotional support and advice you need. It doesn’t matter how long ago the crime took place – they are always on hand to support you. You can find out more here 

Vehicle Crime – There have been seventeen reports of vehicle crime.  


22/05 – Church Close, Upper Beeding – Overnight, front vehicle registration number plate has been stolen.


23/05 – Durrants Drive, Horsham – Driver side window has been smashed, but nothing stolen.


23/05 – Hernbrook Drive, Horsham – Rear vehicle registration number plate has been stolen from a van


24/05 – Elm Grove, Horsham – Around 1.30am, Ring doorbell footage has captured a male trying car door handle, but then walked off.


26/05 – Lintot Square, Southwater – Between 9pm and 7am, commercial van has been broken into and approx. £5,000 tools were stolen. 


26/05 – High Street, Steyning – Between 4.30am and 4.45am, van has been broken into via the side door, which hs been drilled. All tools have been stolen. 


26/05 – Cuthmans Road, Steyning – Between 4.45am and 5am, van owner heard vehicle alarm going off and went outside to check, where they disturbed the suspects who left the scene. Drivers side lock had been tampered with and no items were stolen. 


26/05 – Pondtail Road, Horsham – Vehicle has been stolen from the property whilst occupants were on holiday. 


27/05 – College Road, Southwater – Attempted break in of a van, but was unsuccessful. Lock was drilled on the side panel. 


27/05 – Greenfinch Way, Horsham – Vehicle has been entered overnight, possibly unlocked and an old £1 coin has been stolen.


29/05 – Ropeland Way, Horsham – Overnight, car has been broken into whilst parked on the driveway. Purse containing bank cards has been stolen. 


30/05 – Pulla Drive, Storrington – Between 12am and 6pm there has been a break in of a car using a screwdriver, which was found on the passenger seat. NO other damage and nothing stolen. 


30/05 – Kempshott Road, Horsham – Overnight, from 6pm, two vans have been broken into and some tools, worth approx. £3,000, have ben stolen  


02/06 – Market Square, Horsham – During 8.30pm and 7am, car has been broken into and a ring worth £400 has been stolen. No damage to the car, but both doors were left open. 


04/06 – Hernbrook Drive, Horsham – Overnight, a sat nav has been stolen from a car.


04/06 – Highlands Road, Horsham – Between 10pm and 6am, car was broken into, when locked and parked on the drive. Low value items have been stolen including cash, bag ad two cans of soft drink.


04/06 – Highlands Road – Horsham – Between 10pm and 7am, car parked on the owner’s driveway, has been broken int and a messy search carried out. Nothing stolen. 


Vehicle Crime Prevention 

Information on how to keep vehicles safe from theft or damage can be found here 


Reports of a crime in progress should be made via 999, or to report an non-emergency incident you can 101 or report online  


More information about protecting property can be found here 


Reporting a crime

For non-emergency incidents or crime prevention advice, click,  (If you report a crime online, we will assess it in the same way as a 101 call).  


Call 101 when you do not require an urgent response. In an emergency when life is threatened or there is immediate danger always call 999. 


Connect with us face-to-face at a police station or contact the local policing team at  


If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, you can contact us using TypeTalk on 18000 or by sending a text to 65999. 


We continue to urge residents to report crime to us via the channels below or via Crimestoppers at or by calling 0800 555 111. 

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