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The Bramber Society

The Bramber Society was formed in the 1980s and membership is open to all those living in the Parish of Bramber.


The Purpose of the Society is :-

  • to focus on the needs and interests of those resident in the village

  • to promote social activities

  • to invite speakers to address some meetings

  • to raise funds for the purchase and nurturing of the flowers which decorate the village throughout each summer


Although the Society is, by purpose, informal in nature, a Chairman is appointed or elected when necessary. At the moment the role is

performed by :-


          Roger Potter, Meadow Edge, The Street, Bramber, BN44 3WE


Additionally, the Society has a Treasurer who currently is :-


          Rachael Rainbow, Woodstock House, The Street, Bramber, BN44 3WE


Committees of suitable members are brought together when required and as needs dictate.


Subscription - there is no formal subscription but members usually contribute towards funding the Flower Baskets each year.


The Society is always happy to welcome new members.  lf you are interested in joining the mailing list to hear about activities and events please contact  Also, feel free to contact the society if you have any ideas for future events.

Please Note: The Bramber Society is completely separate from Bramber Parish Council.

Flower Basket Appeal, 2024

Added: 8th March 2024

Basket Appeal.jpg

950th Anniversary of the Castle and Church - 2023

IMG_2540 - Bramber 950th Anniversary.JPG

Coronation Tea Party - 2023


Royal Wedding Celebration Photos - 2011

Hog Roast Photos - 2009

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