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Gigabit Broadband

There is currently a project throughout the county to supply a full fibre network that will connect key public sector sites, capable of delivering speeds from 1,000 megabits per second (1 gigabit) to meet the future need of public services.

At the same time, the government wants both residents and businesses in rural areas to have the chance to upgrade their broadband connection to gigabit speeds.  This can be done via a voucher system run by the government but topped up by West Sussex County Council (WSCC).

This works best if communities pool their vouchers to contribute towards the installation cost of bringing the latest, fastest and most reliable broadband infrastructure to the area.

At this stage, we are just canvassing residents and businesses to see if there is enough interest to proceed further.  If we know there are potentially adequate numbers then we can approach potential suppliers for a non-obligatory quote.

Further details of the Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme can be found on the government website and the WSCC website.

If you are interested in joining together to bring gigabit broadband to Bramber then please fill out the form below which will forward your details to our parish clerk.

Thanks for submitting!

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