Bramber Parish Council

Youth Provision

All the four Parish Councils involved in the Youth Provision Survey have been gratified by the level of response from the public, not only in terms of the number of responses, but also in terms of the support for saving the Youth Service in our area.


The provisional results were that out of approximately 4,500 leaflets delivered, we have had 1,065 responses, i.e. approximately 25%, which is a very high rate of return for these general type of surveys, and of these 997 were in support and 68 against, and thus it can be seen that the overwhelming number of respondents were in favour of proceeding, and were willing to pay a modest amount per year.


The provisional split is:-

                                 Yes               No

Steyning                    657               36

Upper Beeding          243               24

Bramber                      81                 6

Ashurst                       16                  2


All four Parish Councils have now agreed to Precept increases to cover the cost of the Service for the next three years.


A Management Committee is now being formed consisting of representatives from the Parishes and other relevant “partner” organisations. They will work closely with “Horsham Matters”, the selected provider of the Youth Service, to ensure the Service is providing what is expected and giving good value for money.


Further communications will be provided as the initiative progresses.


David Barling                                  David Coldwell

Chairman Steyning PC                  Chairman Upper Beeding PC


Roger Potter                                   Alan Griffiths

Chairman Bramber PC                  Chairman Ashurst PC

Youth Provision Update

Historic Youth Service Agreement Signed

The Parish Councils of Steyning, Bramber, Upper Beeding and Ashhurst are proud to announce that they have now signed contracts with “Horsham Matters” to run the new Youth Service in our areas to start effectively from 3rd June.


This is the first major joint venture undertaken following the Localism Act by the four parishes together and shows just what can be achieved by clustering.


The new Youth Service will be provided through Horsham Matters who will be responsible to a new management committee formed under the auspices of a new “charitable incorporated organisation” and the management committee will be headed up by an independent chairman and have other members apart from the four serving chairmen of the four parish councils involved.


Horsham Matters will now employ a full time youth worker, who will operate out of the Cuthman Centre in Steyning but also have responsibility for youth clubs at the Cuthman Centre and Upper Beeding as well as Outreach work.  We regard this as a really historic occasion.  Our photograph shows the four chairmen David Barling, David Coldwell, Roger Potter and Alan Griffiths signing the contract with David Sheldon who is the Chief Executive of Horsham Matters.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to colleagues who made this possible including Councillor Sue Rogers, Councillor Paul Devlin and from Horsham District Council Clare Ebelewicz and from Horsham Matters, Liz Burt, and all other representatives who have worked on the project.


If anyone is interested in taking part in the proposed Management Committee please get in touch.


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