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Speed Activated Signs in Bramber

Added: 24th June 2017

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The parish of Bramber does not have many through roads with speed restrictions, but of those that do, both Clays Hill and The Street suffer from speeding traffic, especially the former since the limit was reduced to 30mph some 6 years ago.

Clays Hill


This narrow access road to Steyning (wide vehicles like tipper lorries and buses have to slow down and pull to the edge to pass) is subject to obvious, and well documented, speeding in both directions, with various, fortunately non-fatal, collisions over recent times.  (The most recent survey showed that on an average week-day, 40% of the 7500 vehicles using the hill will be exceeding 33mph.)


West Sussex County Council have not considered the problem serious enough to address so the parish council decided to investigate what they could provide to remind motorists of the speed limit (it's a 30 limit by dint of being a lit road with no signage to the contrary).


After much work by several councillors, WSCC Highways finally approved the location of a vehicle activated sign adjacent to entrance to The Close, and this was purchased (from  Thermotor in East Preston) and installed (by local volunteers) on a post provided by WSCC.  (Such signs need to be set back from the footway kerb edge by at least 0.5m, and have about 80m of straight road in front of it, severely limiting possible sites on Clays Hill with its single narrow footway.)


The sign is battery powered with a solar PV panel providing battery top-up throughout most of the year (don't be surprised if it stops working for a while after a grey week in December or January).  When triggered by a speeding vehicle, the sign displays a 45cm diameter '30' roundel and the words 'SLOW DOWN', and the date, time and speed of the offending vehicle is logged.  The intention is to change the direction it faces every couple of months to reduce complacency, at the same time downloading the chronological speed data for vehicles exceeding the 30 limit for future analysis.

The Street


During the search for a lighter, more easily moveable sign for use at two locations in The Street, the option of sharing with Upper Beeding parish arose, provided the sign could operate on 20, 30 and 40mph limit roads.  Accordingly a SWARCO MVAS has been purchased, which mounts on brackets to be permanently attached to the chosen posts (lighting columns 9 and 17 in The Street + tba in Upper Beeding).  This displays a 30cm diameter speed limit roundel and the words 'SLOW DOWN' when triggered, as well as chronologically logging the speed of all vehicles passing the sign.  This sign will be moved around the two parishes at roughly monthly intervals, the batteries being changed and the traffic data downloaded at the same time.


Finance footnote


The decision to spend parish money on the signs was not taken lightly, and several possible county funding streams were investigated before the decisions to purchase using parish funds were made.


Mike Croker

Bramber Parish Council

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Spotting the Signs of

Child Sexual Exploitation

Added: 11th December 2017

Healthwatch West Sussex

Added: 30th January 2018

Healthwatch is the local consumer champion for West Sussex, they capture the views and experiences of local residents about services and use this information to help influence service provision, and ensure that users voices is heard. Healthwatch West Sussex want to recruit local community groups, to be part of their It Starts With You Network. Being part of this network means they can continue to stay in contact after they meet with a group, to gain valuable and up-to-date insight from members, and to keep the group updated on how their insight has been used, and other Healthwatch work. Some information about It Starts With You is attached for information.


Contact: Cheryl Berry Community Involvement Worker Healthwatch West Sussex / 07966 529756

Healthwatch Info

New Discretionary Disabled Facilities Grants

New discretionary Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) are available from Horsham District Council.


** 3 New schemes ** Hospital Discharge (not means tested), Safe and Warm, and Tech grants available now


Click the button to see the briefing sheet with details of existing mandatory DFG scheme and the 3 new

Discretionary Grant Schemes including grant amounts, criteria, exclusions and referral pathways attached.

Money is available for residents who meet the criteria now.

Disabled Grants

Added: 30th January 2018

Bramber Community Orchard

Initial Planting

Added: 27th February 2018

The orchard planting day went well last Saturday and details of the trees planted can be seen by clicking the button below. The trees on the information sheet are numbered 1 to 8… with 1 being the nearest to the public footpath and 8 being furthest away.

Tree List

Regular Youth Activities

Added: 4th March 2018


March/April Visitor Information

Click the button below to see the Horsham District Events listing for mid-March to mid-April, which we hope you will find useful. If you have any events in the Horsham District that you would like us to add to future listings, please send us the details.


For lots more information, please do visit our website:-


Kind regards,


Edwina Willsher

Museum / VIC Assistant


Visitor Information Centre, 9 Causeway, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1HE

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Notification of Major Gas Works: Clays Hill

We’re writing to make you aware of our forthcoming upgrade of our gas network in Clays Hill, Steyning. Our project involves the essential replacement of old metal gas mains with new plastic pipe to ensure we continue to provide a safe and reliable gas supply to the local area. Our contractor KLT will undertake this work on our behalf.


So, that we can minimise the impact of our essential work, we have carefully consulted and planned our works in partnership with West Sussex County Council, our project will start on Tuesday 03 April 2018 and lasting approximately 6 weeks.


We’ll be working in Clays Hill near its junction with Maudlin Lane for approximately six weeks. To keep everyone safe around our work area, we need to install temporary traffic lights in Clays Hill across its junctions with Maudlin Lane, Goring Road, Bostal Road and Bramber Road. During this time, we’ll need to replace the existing pedestrian crossing on Brambler Road with a temporary crossing.


We’ve planned to start this project during the school Easter holiday, when the roads are typically quieter, to minimise disruption to the local community. We will also have two teams of engineers working on this project to complete this essential work as quickly and efficiently as possible.


All businesses in the local area will remain open as usual. We do have a compensation scheme in place for local businesses which suffer a genuine loss of trade because of our work. Packs are available from our website,, via the Publications section.


We understand that roadworks can be frustrating. However, the new plastic pipe has a minimum lifespan of 80 years. This means that when the work is complete, Steyning residents will continue to enjoy the benefits of a safe and reliable gas supply for years to come.


If you have any further questions, please let me know.


Kind regards


Paige Roberts

Stakeholder and Community Manager

T: +44 (0)1293 818 251

M:+ 44 (0)7583 669 685


SGN, St. Lawrence House, Station Approach, Horley, RH6 9HJ

Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter: @SGNgas


Smell gas? Call 0800 111 999

Find out how to protect your home from carbon monoxide

Southern Gas Network

Added: 31st March 2018

Horsham District Council Latest News

What does your Council Tax pay for?


Council Tax bills for 2018-19 are currently landing on doormats across the district this April.


We work together with West Sussex County Council and the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner to make Horsham one of the best and safest places to live in the country.


Although we collect all of your Council Tax, Horsham District Council keeps less than 9% with the rest being split to cover the vast array of services delivered by each authority.


Take a look at the broad range of services we have delivered during 2016/17 for the benefit of residents, visitors and local businesses on pages 18 and 19 of Our District magazine:

New powers to combat anti-social behaviour


Anti-social behaviour can cause a real nuisance and have a detrimental effect on people’s quality of life, not to mention the negative perceptions it can give to an area or neighbourhood.


From the beginning of April this year, there will be a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in place across the Horsham District, giving additional enforcement powers to deal with incidents of anti-social-behaviour in certain area. The Order lasts for three years, ending in March 2021.

Giving local people a helping hand with their energy


From January 2018, residents across West Sussex have been able to buy their gas and electricity from Your Energy Sussex, a new provider launched as a result of a council partnership between Horsham District Council and the West Sussex County Council.


Because the scheme is run by a council partnership, any income generated will be used to support households that are struggling to pay their energy bills.

Are you happy with Warnham Local Nature Reserve?


Do you enjoy visiting Warnham Local Nature Reserve?


With the help of the Friends of Warnham Local Nature Reserve we are conducting a satisfaction survey to assess overall satisfaction with the Nature Reserve and, importantly, highlight any areas for improvement.

Teaching our young people to become Junior Citizens


The Council’s Junior Citizen Week, celebrated its 24th anniversary recently, with the Drill Hall in Horsham playing host to some 1,160 Year 6 children from 33 primary schools across Horsham District.


Children took part in eight interactive sessions and learnt about various aspects of keeping themselves and others safe, as well as the importance of being good citizens in the community.

Added: 6th April 2018

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Planned Roadworks in West Sussex

2 May 2018 to 16 May 2018

Click the button below for a list of planned roadworks either on-going or starting within the next fortnight.


Additional information on each roadwork is available by clicking on the road name.  This will take you to the Council’s Travel Information website, which contains the latest information for the works.  This includes the contact details for the contractor responsible for the work.  Please contact them direct if you require any further information.


Please note that carriageway works being undertaken by West Sussex Highways are subject to last minute date changes due to weather conditions, equipment breakdown or emergency work taking priority.  The works may start at any time up to 5 days from the planned start date given above.  On street yellow ‘Advanced Warning’ boards will provide details of latest dates.


An alternative map-based report showing roadworks for the following month is available here. Be aware that the report may not be available until after 5pm on a Wednesday. In the event that this week’s report is not currently available, the link will display last week’s report. Information for individual parishes can be viewed by selecting the required parish name from the dropdown list available by clicking on the menu button. Note: the map-based report requires the use of an up-to-date browser.




Mark McNamara

TICC Operator

Residents’ Services – Highways and Transport

West Sussex County Council


Location: County Hall (Northleigh), West Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1RQ

Contact: Internal: 23058 | External: +44 (0)330 222 3058 | E-mail:

Roadworks Report

Added: 4th May 2018