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Community Initiative Fund 18/19 - Round 2

Added: 6th August 2018

The new online crowdfunding platform for West Sussex allows residents to put forward project ideas that they want to see happen locally – from bringing community buildings back to life, to developing and delivering local events, or revamping a community garden.


Individuals, local authorities, businesses and grant funders are then able to pledge funds to support a project they believe would bring great benefits for their local community. Pledges are only charged if the funding target is met.


The County Council’s Community Initiative Fund (CIF) is one of these funds that is offered solely through the West Sussex Crowd website.

The decision making process  remains the same as previous years with county councillors taking a decision on amounts to allocate to projects at their County Local Committee meetings (please see link for further information).  

CIF Round 2 deadline poster version 1

NHS Big Health and Care Conversation

Added: 16th August 2018

Big Health and Care Conversation

Bin Collection Reminder

We have been asked to remind everyone that, when putting out your bins, the handles should face the road.  More information can be found at

Added: 6th September 2018

Letter of Clarification

from Sussex PCC, Katy Bourne

Local Councils will no doubt be aware of a recent report in the Sunday Times that showed Sussex Police to have the lowest number of response officers per 100,000 population of any police force in the Country. As you might imagine SSALC took this matter up with the PCC and Chief Constable and as a result, closer examination of the figures showed them to be incorrect; Sussex is in fact 28th out of the 43 police forces and not at the bottom of the league.


The letter attached from Katy Bourne explains the position and Katy has asked that this be shared with local councils in Sussex.


Kind regards,


Trevor Leggo


Sussex PCC Letter

Added: 12th September 2018

Meeting of the Sussex

Police and Crime Panel

Added: 12th September 2018

Have you got a question for the Police and Crime Commissioner?


Sussex residents now have the chance to pose questions to the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in person at a meeting next month.


Questions are now being invited for Katy Bourne ahead of the next meeting of the Sussex Police and Crime Panel on Friday 5 October.


Having submitted questions in advance, residents can, if they wish, then attend the meeting to ask their question in person, hear the answer and then raise further points. Otherwise the Chairman will ask their question on their behalf.


This new approach was agreed by the panel at its last meeting.


Questions could be about any policy issue relating to policing in Sussex (but not related to operational matters or a live case).


The deadline for receiving questions is midday on Friday 21 September and they can be submitted in writing to or by telephoning 03302 222542.


Councillor Bill Bentley, chairman of the Sussex Police and Crime Panel said: “As well as supporting the Commissioner, the role of the panel is to properly scrutinise all elements of her work on behalf of the public, to ensure the role is being carried out effectively.


“We want to make sure the issues we are raising are those that the public feel are important to them, and we periodically improve our working arrangements to ensure residents’ voices are heard. I would encourage people to submit their questions, and we look forward to welcoming as many as possible at our meeting on 5 October."


The main items on the agenda at the meeting are an update on the Commissioner’s work in ensuring Sussex Police provides an effective response to our educational establishments and the Commissioner’s proposed new role in handling policing complaints.


The meeting will be held at County Hall, Lewes, starting at 10.30am. The meeting will also be webcast live at


Councillors from 15 local authorities across Sussex, plus two independent members, make up the Sussex Police and Crime Panel. The role of the Panel is to scrutinise the actions and decisions of the Commissioner.


Please note that this meeting is not being run by SSALC, please therefore submit any questions to the contact details above.


Kind regards,


Anna Beams

Office, Training & Events Manager, SSALC Ltd.