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Drug Related Litter - 9th September 2017

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Doorstep Callers, Cowboys and Scams - 9th September 2017

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Phishing: How To Protect Yourself - 28th October 2017

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Watch Out For These Fake LinkedIn Emails - 30th July 2018

Finding Additional Support In A Power Cut - 14th August 2018

Power cuts don’t happen very often these days, but if there’s a power cut, have you ever wondered how some people would cope?


The electricity network is built to be resilient but extreme weather, including storms, heavy summer rain and lightning, can affect overhead power lines. The public should stay well clear from power lines, and anyone spotting a damaged power line needs to report it immediately by calling 105. More information about power cuts and reporting faults can be found at


UK Power Networks own and run the electricity cables in most of our region and fix power cuts. They deliver the electricity which you buy through your choice of supplier. They provide a priority service for anyone who might face extra difficulty in the event of a power cut, including households with an elderly person, young children, someone less mobile or someone with a health condition.


By registering with UK Power Networks’ Priority Services Register you will be given a priority 24 hour phone number for communication, receive extra information and regular updates during any power cut. In the event of a longer power cut you could receive hot food, hot drinks and hot water, mobile phone charging and more. Those who rely on power to run medical equipment, such as dialysis or breathing apparatus, would also receive additional help.  


More information can be found online at It’s quick and free to register by completing a short questionnaire, if you have not already done so. If you have family or friends who meet the criteria you can register on their behalf if they are happy for you to do so.  


Please note that the majority of our Neighbourhood Watch members live in the area served by UK Power Networks (London, East and South East). However, a few do not, and it will be made clear to you in the on-line registration process if this is the case, and a link will be given to who your regional network operator is, so you can apply to join their Priority Service Register.


Neighbourhood Watch urges everybody who is eligible, to sign up to UK Power Networks Priority Services Register, to ensure that they receive free extra help in the event of a power cut. The link is below. We know that some people are hesitant to click on links, so if you prefer you can go online and search for UK Power Networks Priority Services Register.

Bogus Overseas Officers - 19th August 2018

Fraudsters are contacting overseas students and visitors who are in the UK via their mobile phone or social network account and purporting to represent UK or foreign law enforcement.


After fraudsters have claimed to work with their respective embassy or government, they tell the victim that there is evidence in the form of forged documentation or parcels which implicate them in a crime such as money laundering, fraud or immigration offences.


After demanding further personal details from the victim such as their name, current address and copies of personal documentation, they threaten the victim by suggesting a warrant exists for their arrest which will result in their deportation and imprisonment unless they transfer a payment to them in order to cancel the arrest or pay a fine. Once the money is transferred, all contact between the victim and the fraudster is severed.


What You Need To Do:


  • Police will never ask you to withdraw to transfer money so “it can be checked”, neither would they demand money to in order to cancel an arrest.


  • Do not be tricked into giving a fraudster access to your personal or financial details no matter who they say they are; protect your information and have the confidence to question and refuse unusual requests.


  • If you have made a payment to someone claiming to be the police or government department, and you think you might be a victim of fraud, you can report it to Action Fraud any time of the day or night using our online fraud reporting tool. You can also get advice about fraud or cyber-crime by calling 0300 123 2040.


  • If you are a student you can ask your Student Union or University for advice, help and support.

Freshers' Week Advice To Students - 5th September 2018

Being at university or college is about studying hard and enjoying the experience. And, it’s about taking more responsibility for yourself.


We’re not talking total adulting… But there are definitely things you need to do to keep yourself, your finances and your devices free from harm online and offline, whether you’re studying, out having fun or relaxing.


Get Safe Online’s experts have put together some top tips to start you off:


Don’t ‘Unlock’ your Smartphone - Also known as Jailbreaking or rooting, ‘unlocking’ your smart phone turns off software restrictions placed by the manufacturer, allowing you to download and install apps which aren’t available through official app stores. This might seem like a good idea, but did you know you’re also opening your phone up to dodgy apps and malicious software that can infect your phone and damage or delete the data you have on it?


Protect your ID and don’t overshare - The ability to provide ID is everything, and not just in a bar! Without it, you can’t open or access a bank account, sign up for a railcard, student discount or other essentials. Never reveal logins or other passwords and don’t overshare online, in texts or on the phone. Don’t be tempted to provide confidential information on yourself or anyone else, in return for freebies. Check your credit score to make sure nobody has taken out credit or purchased anything in your name.


Look after your money. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to open an account, directly, with a respected bank. It’s vital that you keep your banking and other financial details private. Most universities and colleges have a Student Money Adviser: talk to yours if you need advice on any other aspect of your finances.


Protect your reputation and yourself:

  • What goes online stays online - and that includes snaps and stories, as well as pics and posts, including those you might regret either immediately or in the future.

  • Research shows 70%* of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring, so think about what you’re posting and how it might affect you in the future when you start job hunting.

  • Remember that online, not everyone is who they claim to be - Consider this if you’re talked into sharing intimate photos or videos. And for the same reason, remember that not every relationship lasts forever.


Accommodation - Found accommodation you like? Check it out in person before parting with any money, and make sure who you’re paying is authentic. If you can, pay deposits and other up-front payments by credit card for extra protection.


Betting on a win? For some people, a bit of harmless betting can turn into a habit. If you’re tempted, think about how much money and time you could be throwing away and what else you could do with it. And sometimes, there’s a fine line between gaming and gambling … don’t cross it.


Be on the lookout for fraud - Fake texts, emails, calls and posts claiming to be from your bank, student loan provider or HMRC are rife for everybody… including students. If you’re an overseas student, you could be targeted by visa fraudsters too. Not thinking before you click – or oversharing confidential information – could cost you your money, your identity, or both.


Take care with your tech and how you connect - Your phone, tablet and laptop are essential to your life, so treat them like the precious possessions they are. If what you’re doing is confidential or financial, avoid using Wi-Fi hotspots: there’s no guarantee they’re secure. And turn off location services to keep your whereabouts to yourself.


Keep your coding legal - Heavyweight coders are sometimes targeted by cybercriminals who need their skills. If you get approached, think about the consequences to yourself and others.


Payments - If you pay a person or company you don’t know by bank transfer and it’s a fraud, there’s very little chance you’ll get your money back, so try to avoid this wherever possible.


Dating apps - If you’re dating online, use reputable apps and keep the conversation on the app. Remember that not everyone is who they say they are, and there’s nothing more important than your personal safety whether you’re dating or hooking up. Don’t be afraid to block or say no.


No means no - Never be put under pressure to do something you disagree with, or feel uncomfortable with, and don’t put others under pressure either. We’re talking sending or publishing intimate pics, harmful pranking, extreme content, hacking social media accounts or any kind of radicalisation.


Don’t become a money mule - Get rich quick schemes, jobs advertised with pay that’s too good to be true or trusting others with your bank account could result in a sentence and a criminal record. Be wary if approached.


Find comprehensive, easy-to-follow advice about online safety at:

Police News and Appeals - 12th September 2018

Appeal for witnesses following ram raid in Rudgwick


Police would like to speak to anyone who saw or heard a ram raid at the Co-op in Rudgwick on Sunday (9 September).


Officers attended the store in Martletts Corner, Rudgwick, near Horsham, around 2.45am after members of the public witnessed a cash machine being stolen.


A JCB telescopic forklift was used to smash the glass of the shop and pull the free-standing machine out before it was loaded onto the back of a 4x4 vehicle.


The 4x4 vehicle and a silver Subaru, believed to be connected to the three suspects, left the scene heading south to the A281. The JCB, stolen from Horsham, was left at the scene.


Detective Constable Kirstie Neal said: “We are appealing for anyone with information on this incident to come forward to us immediately.


“This crime occurred in the middle of the night when the suspects knew there would be fewer witnesses, but they would have made a large amount of noise. Did you get woken up by it?


"The three suspects wore dark clothing and masks covering their faces and were at the scene for around five minutes.”


To report information please go online, call 101 quoting 180 of 09/09 or anonymously through Crimestoppers.

Police Crime Summary - 12th September 2018



There have been no Burglaries of note this week but there has been an increase in thefts from sheds and garages…..please see below.


Other than Dwelling


Reference: 1008 6th September

Location: Horsham Road, Handcross

Date and time: Between 0830hrs and 1720hrs 6th September

Details: An insecure garage was entered and power tools were stolen.


Reference: 1288 6th September

Location: Five Oaks Road, Slinfold

Date and time: 5th September – Time frame unknown

Details: A Pedal cycle was stolen after someone removed the padlock from a shed.


Reference:  0284 7th September

Location: Sandygate Lane, Lower Beeding

Date and time: Between 0900hrs and 1700hrs 6th September

Details: A Barn was broken into, pedal cycles, power tools and a Bluetooth speaker were stolen.


Reference: 0491 8th September

Location: Wheatsheaf Road, Henfield

Date and time: Between 0945hrs and 1055hrs 8th September

Details: Locks on 2 sheds were broken and garden equipment were stolen.


Reference: 0642 8th September

Location: Five Oaks Road, Slinfold

Date and time: time and date unknown

Details: Garden equipment including strimmers, chainsaw and a sander were stolen from a garage.


Reference: 0839 9th September

Location: Nuthurst Road, Maplehurst

Date and time: Between 1440hrs and 1540hrs 9th September

Details: A padlock was broken off a garage and a Petrol strimmer was stolen


Reference: 0974 9th September

Location:  West Chiltington Lane, Coneyhurst

Date and time: Time frame unknown

Details: Padlocks broken off a garden shed. Strimmer, Hedge Cutter and lawn mower were all stolen.


Reference:  0668 10th September

Location: Billingshurst Road, Coolham

Date and time: Between 0810hrs and 1830hrs 7th September

Details: Garden equipment and Power tools stolen from a garage after door was forced open.




Over the last week there has been an increase in sheds and garages being broken into, please click on the link or see our website for crime prevention advice.


I have been made aware that there is currently another scam involving text messaging. It appears someone is texting claiming to be from your bank and that a fraudulent transaction has been made, you are then requested to call a number where money is taken from you. Please be advised not to call the number, visit your bank if possible. Always use a different phone to call and use a different number that was given. As a reminder, neither your bank nor the Police will ask for your passwords and pin numbers. For further information on fraud please click on the link or see our website.


Help us keep Sussex safe


If you saw or heard anything, or have any information about any incident in this message please contact us online, email us at or call 101, quoting the reference number provided.


Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111, or online at

Scam Mail - 20th September 2018

We are writing to you to seek your help in raising awareness of scam mail in your local community. Royal Mail never knowingly delivers scam mail. We understand the distress that it can cause when received. This type of mail is illegal and targets the most vulnerable in society. We want to put a stop to it.


Typically, scam mail involves professional fraudsters sending convincing letters that are designed to trick people out of money or other valuables. Scam mail can include bogus competitions and fake prize draws. This mail mostly originates from overseas and is hard to detect.


Who receives scam mail? It can be anyone. You, a relative or a friend could receive this type of mail. Even the most alert people can be taken in by these criminals.


We are combating scam mail — Royal Mail is committed to doing all we can to protect our customers from scam mail. In 2016 Royal Mail introduced a series of additional measures to reduce the impact on our customers. This includes the introduction of a new industry—wide code of practice for dealing with scam mail as well as a new clause in Royal Mail's bulk mail contracts. We are working with other postal operators in the UK and around the world to share intelligence and take steps to prevent it entering the UK.


We have to date proactively stopped over 4 million suspected pieces of scam mail at our distribution centres around the UK. before they can be posted through the letterboxes of customers.


We are continuing to work with our postmen and women across the UK who are the eyes and ears in the local community, industry partners and law enforcement agencies including National Trading Standards to tackle this issue more vigorously.


Should you be concerned that someone you know is in receipt of scam mail, please contact us by:


  • Writing to Royal Mail at FREEPOST SCAM MAIL, enclosing any items that are suspected of being scam mail;

  • Calling the Royal Mail Scam Mall Helpline on 0800 0113 466; or

  • Emailing


I would like to assure you that we are doing everything within our powers to protect customers in your community from Scam Mail.


Yours sincerely,


David Gold

Director of Public Affairs and Policy

Scam Mail

Police News and Appeals - 20th September 2018

Save a life, surrender your knife: Sussex Police supports national knife crime campaign


Sussex Police together with other forces are supporting Operation Sceptre – a national knife crime campaign which aims to reduce the number of people, especially young people, carrying a weapon.


Officers will be undertaking proactive activities across the county and encouraging knife owners to give up their blades anonymously as part of a national initiative to tackle knife crime.


Assistant Chief Constable Nick May said: “We are pleased to give our support to this national initiative once again. Members of the public will be able to hand over knives safely and anonymously at any Sussex Police front office, a list of our police stations can be found here, and in turn remove these weapons from our streets.


“Our message to those who carry a knife or thinking of carrying a knife is that it does not protect you and in fact it makes you more vulnerable and places you in danger of serious harm.


“We want to reassure the public that we do not have an escalating knife problem here in Sussex however it is essential we keep on top of this issue and that’s what makes our participation in Operation Sceptre so important. One knife is one knife too many.”


To enable knife owners to give up their weapons safely and without fear of prosecution, knife bins are located at police stations across Sussex from 17-24 September.


In addition to the amnesty bins, officers will be attending local schools, making test purchases and performing proactive patrols across the county.


Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SPCC) Katy Bourne gave her backing today to Operation Sceptre, as Sussex joins forces across the country urging young people in particular to hand in knives they may be carrying or thinking of carrying on the streets.


Katy Bourne said: "There are only a handful of recognised and legitimate reasons for carrying knives in public and 'protecting yourself' from somebody else who may be carrying a knife is not one of them.


“If you are caught carrying a knife it could well mean the end of your career ambitions and a long prison sentence, and if knives are drawn in anger or even just bravado it can mean life changing wounds or worse.


“Operation Sceptre is giving people the chance to surrender unnecessary and illegally held knives, so make the right choice today: lose the knife not a life.“


Anyone with information on knife crime should call 101 or report online. In an emergency always dial 999.

Seventy new officers join Sussex Police


Seventy new police officers joined Sussex Police on Monday (10 September), the largest intake in more than ten years.


The recruitment to local teams has been made possible by this year’s rise in council tax.


Chief Constable Giles York said: "This intake marks a transformational moment for Sussex police as we see a significant number of new people joining our organisation.


"Since the 12% council tax increase from 1 April, the recruitment teams have worked hard, resulting in 140 new constables, 70 being recruited in this round, with a further 108 to start with us by the end of March 2019.


"The new intake is part of our drive to recruit 800 in the next four years, leading to an overall increase of 200 officers by 2022.


"In addition to the new police officers, this month we have 34 new PCSOs starting with us too, taking us to 215. We had planned to recruit up to our 196 PCSO strength, but have been able to increase our complement by nearly ten per cent more than we initially budgeted for.


For further information on this story please click on the link or see our website.

Rewind: Our new campaign promotes stop and search powers


A new campaign has been launched to help make understanding stop and search laws more simple.


Stop and search legislation can be complicated which is why we’ve introduced the Rewind campaign to simplify it.


We will be working with year 6 pupils in primary schools across Sussex to educate young people on why and when the power is used.


To see the full story plus a short video please click on the link or see our website.

Joshua Rutigliano is still wanted for recall to prison


News Wanted


Police in Horsham and Brighton are searching for 19-year-old Joshua Rutigliano, who is wanted for recall to prison, and who is also suspected of involvement in a series of assaults in Brighton city centre streets in the early hours of 26 June.


Rutigliano, who is described as white, 5' 9", of slim build, with dark brown hair and brown eyes, was released from Rochester Prison on 28 March. It is thought that he may have shaved his beard off since the warrant was issued.


He has lived at addresses in Horsham but also frequents Brighton and Hove.


The Probation Service now require his recall to prison for failing to comply with the conditions of his release licence.


Police also want to interview him about the assaults in Brighton on 26 June, which were publicised on the same day by Sussex Police.


Enquiries also continue into the Brighton assaults. A 21-year old man has been interviewed under caution by appointment and arrangements are being made to interview a third man who has been identified in relation to that investigation.


PC Ian Whitehouse said: "If you see Rutigliano, or know where he is, please contact us via 101 or online, quoting serial 578 of 05/07.


"You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

Police Crime Summary - 20th September 2018



Reference:  0999 11th September

Location:  Hampers Lane, Storrington

Date and time:  Between 1415hrs and 1615hrs 11th September

Details: Conservatory entered, nothing stolen.


Other than Dwelling


Reference: 0779 11th September

Location: Barns Green Horsham

Date and time: time frame unknown

Details: A padlock was broken off the garage door, nothing was stolen.


Reference:  1016 13th September

Location: Washington Road, Storrington

Date and time: Between 0800hrs and 1300hrs 13th September

Details: Garage door was forced and items displaced, nothing stolen.


Reference:  0411 17th September

Location: Springfield Park, Horsham

Date and time: Between 15th & 16th September

Details: A window was broken and a garage entered. Pedal cycle was stolen.




I would like to say a huge thank you to our Neighbourhood Watch members for the leaflet drop that was done in Merryfield Drive and Orchard Road after a spate of vehicle breaks. For advice as to how to protect your vehicle please click on the link.


To see our Little Book of Big Scams please see our website, go to the Fraud tab and click on downloadable documents.


If you saw or heard anything, or have any information about any incident in this message please contact us online, email us at or call 101, quoting the reference number provided.


Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111, or online at

Fake TV Licensing Refund Offers

23rd September 2018

TV Licensing Scam