Neighbourhood Plan

UPDATE : Our meeting with the new HDC Neighbourhood Plan Officer 10th December 2016

In the light of recent developments with the Henfield NP and the Storrington, Washington and Sullington NP, HDC have confirmed that they want a closer working relationship with those groups working on Neighbourhood Plans in the Horsham District.

They have appointed a Full Time Neighbourhood Plan Officer, Mr Norman Kwan. Members of the SWAB Steering Group have now had a meeting with Mr Kwan and with the Principal Planning Officer at HDC.

HDC are now looking at all of the work completed by the Steering Group and the Focus Groups and will be providing constructive feedback. They certainly appreciate the amount of work completed and the depth of care taken in its preparation. They have spoken about taking a sensible, considered and long term approach to any recommendations and requirements they place on our Neighbourhood Plan. It will continue to reflect what local people and businesses consider to be important for the sustainability of our communities. The increased input from HDC at this relatively late stage should be seen as a positive intervention which will only strengthen our Neighbourhood Plan to protect us in the future against unwanted, unnecessary and unplanned development.

A Parish Conference is being organised by HDC at the end of January. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss Neighbourhood Plans in the Horsham District and the future involvement of the District Council. We will have a clearer view of how our Neighbourhood Plan can proceed after this conference. We will then be able to readjust our timelines and will provide further information at that time.

Thank you to everyone who has helped bring us to this stage in our Neighbourhood Plan.