Bramber Society

The Bramber Society was formed in the 1980s and membership is open to all those living in the Parish of Bramber.

The Purpose of the Society is - 

  • to focus on the needs and interests of those resident in the village
  • to promote social activities
  • to invite speakers to address some meetings
  • to raise funds for the purchase and nurturing of the flowers which decorate the village throughout each summer
    • Meetings are held monthly and take place in a member's house or at the Castle Inn Hotel and Conference Centre.
      Although the Society is, by purpose, informal in nature, a Chairman is appointed or elected when necessary. At the moment the role is performed by :-

      Lesley Glanville, The Briars, The Street, Bramber, BN44 3WE

      Additionally, the Society has a Treasurer who currently is :-
      Ron Ballam, The Old Cottage, The Street, Bramber, BN44 3WE

      Committees of suitable members are brought together when required and as needs dictate. 
      Subscription  -  there is no formal subscription but at monthly meetings each member contributes £1 which towards funding the Flower Baskets each year.

      The Society is always looking out for new members who can be assured of a warm welcome. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact Lesley on 01903 816055.